UNISTREAMisinternational system of urgent remittances for physical persons. You can conveniently, quickly and safely send cashes across Russia, to the CIS countries and the far abroad. Scope of UNISTREAM system is-more than 100 000 service stations in 90 countries of the world. The amount of clients of UNISTREAM international system of remittances has grown in 2009 for 5.4 percent, having exceeded 5.84 million.

By means UNISTREAM of system it is possible to carry out remittances to Uzbekistan from other countries and from Uzbekistan to other countries where UNISTREAM system is presented.

The basic currency of reception or sending of remittances in Uzbekistan is US dollars. Some Banks-partners of UNISTREAM system carry out delivery and departure of transfers in Euro.

Following banks work with UNISTREAM transfers in Uzbekistan: National Bank of foreign trade activities of RUz, Asaka Bank, National bank, Trustbank, Ipak Yuil, Kapitalbank, Hamkorbank, Invest Finance Bank, Credit-standard bank, Turon bank.

By results of 2009, the turnover of system in Uzbekistan has made $583 million, and the amount of clients has exceeded 920 thousand.

Why to use UNISTREAM is favorably and conveniently?
Low cost of transfer-from 0%. The lowest interest on transfers from Russia to Armenia, Kirghizia and Moldova;

Simplicity– it is not required to open the bank account for the Sender and the Addressee of a remittance. All actions on registration of transfer are carried out by operations analyst;

Speed-transfer is accessible to reception through 10-15 minutes after departure;
Addressee of transfer does not carry any fees;
Safety and reliability.
Cost of transfer.

On June 1st, 2010 Unistream has entered addressless transfers service. Tariffs for addressless transfers vary from 1.3 up to 2 percent depending on the sum: the more is the sum, the less is the interest.

Thus, having left for clients and an option of address transfers, the system becomes the first in the market which can offer the population all advantages of both address, and addressless transfers.

Transfers between Russia and Uzbekistan for 1 %
Commission on sending
Addressless transfer Address transfer
Up to 1000 $ 2 % Up to 1000 $ 1,9 %
1000 $ -3000 $ 1.8 % 1000 $ -3000 $ 1,5 %
From 3000 $ 1,3 % From 3000 $ 1 %


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